Sufficient Grace

Thank you Lord that in my weaknesses the power of Christ comes and completely enfolds me and reminds me that Christ dwells in me!

Lord Your grace is sufficient for me, Your lovingkindness and mercy are more than enough. Thank You that these things are always available to me regardless of the situation!

Lord perfect Your power in me, display Your power in my weakness. For Your glory Lord, I can do the things set before me!

Inspired by ‭‭2 CORINTHIANS‬ ‭12:9‬ ‭AMP‬‬

‘No Longer’ – Matt Redman – YouTube lyrics video
‘Alive In You’ – Jesus Culture- YouTube lyrics video


I’m Reminded

Lord as I gaze upon the mountains surrounding me,

I’m reminded that I’m surrounded by Your love.

As I gaze upon the beauty of the lake,

I’m reminded of Your beautiful saving grace.

As I breathe in the fresh air,

I’m reminded of how Your breath has revived me.

As I hear the birds singing Your praises,

I’m reminded of the song of victory

You’ve placed inside my heart.

As I feel the gentle breeze upon my face,

I’m reminded of the gentle refining that the Holy Spirit has done.

As my body absorbs the warmth of the sun,

I’m reminded that the refining process was painful but Your gentle warming love ensured I was not destroyed in the process.

Many times I felt crushed beyond repair.

Many times I felt as if I was drowning in my grief.

Many times despair tried to overthrow me.

But Lord You have redeemed me;

You have called me by name;

You have entrusted me with a great task;

You have refined me so that I can serve others.

So Lord I as I sit here and reflect I’m reminded of the desire to achieve the Call upon my life, with a great expectancy at what will unfold.

With an immense amount of gratitude for all You’ve done,

I lay down my life to serve You!

I’m Reminded YouTube video

Called Out To The Deep

Lord, You call me out upon the waters

You call me out to the great unknown where my feet may fail and my heart may tremble

But there I will find You in the mystery in oceans deep by faith I will stand

As I step out I will call upon Your name I will keep my eyes above the waves

When the oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace, for I am Yours and You are mine

Your grace abounds in the deepest waters
Your sovereign hand will forever be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed and You won’t start now

I will stand upon Your Word

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters
I will go wherever You will call me
So Lord, take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
For my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior

Inspired by the song Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United

Picture from Pixabay, user: Khusen Rustamov

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Hillsong United – Lyrics

Lord Hear My Cry

The Psalms have been such a source of comfort for me. So many times I have felt overwhelmed and consumed by grief. One rough day I poured my heart out to God and here it is:

I feel like a candle spluttering to stay alight
Lord I desperately want to shine like a beacon of hope
Lord I need You to light my heart
Lord I need You to reignite my spirit
Lord I need You to clarify my mind
Lord I need You
Lord I need You desperately

Who else can I possibly turn to?
No human heart can understand
My own heart cannot contain this anguish

The grief and the sorrow gnaw at my bones
Lord I’m so desperate
I need to hear Your voice
I need to know You’re here

My heart beats faintly in hope, but the pain suffocates each beat

Lord who else can I trust but You?!

You’ve promised to be my tower of strength

You’ve promised to be my safe refuge

You’ve promised me…….

You’ve promised me…….

You’ve promised…….

Your Word declares that You’re faithful, steadfast and true

So come now and quickly rescue me!

Lord I fear I will lay wasted on the battleground

Lord I fear that I’ve cried out in vain

Lord I fear

I fear

I fear

But You’ve promised that Your perfect love will drive out ALL fear

But You’ve promised me that if I resist the devil he will flee

What more can I say?

What more can I do?

What more is there to face?

Lord You’ve promised to cast out ALL loneliness so why do I feel so alone?

Lord You’ve promised me…….

You’ve promised…….

You’ve promised me so many things and I dare to believe that they are true

I refuse to accept that Your promises are false!

Lord You’ve said You would shelter me with Your wings

Lord my faith is weak but You’ve promised that even the smallest amount of faith can move mountains

So Lord move my mountain and cast it into the sea!

Lord restore to me Your joy

Lord restore to me Your favour

Lord restore to me health

Lord restore to me my precious inheritance

Lord will You hear my cries for mercy?

Lord will You run right now to catch me?

Lord I’m so broken, can You mend me?

Lord I’m so empty, can You fill me?

Lord this wasteland is simply too harsh

Lord this winter season is simply too barren

Lord why do I see springs of promises to have them snatched from my grasp?

Lord why do I feel like this?

Is there something I have not repented of? Then I am sorry

Lord is there some part of my heart that I have held back from You? Here it is take it all – it’s weak and failing me!

Lord I offer up to You now my broken heart, please come and mend it
I offer to You my failing spirit, please come and revive it
I offer my racing mind, please come still it and fill it with Your thoughts!

I cannot see what else there is to offer You!

But yet my heart beats only for You

But yet my lungs thirst only for Your life-giving breath

But yet my bones stir only to receive Your marrow

But yet my eyes lift to the heavens

But yet my hand still moves to pour it out to You

But yet my voice cries for mercy from the only One who can possibly help!

Human compassion dries up, but You promise to never run dry

Human understanding ceases, but You promise me that tomorrow the sun will rise and I will see Your mercy and loving-kindness afresh

Human love is flawed, but You promise to be a father of endless compassion, unfailing mercy and unconditional love!

You promise me Your ways are just and true!

So soak me now in Your mercy and grace

Pour afresh over me Your unfailing love deep into my heart

Breathe into my lungs Your breath of life

Give me a new song

Give me new words of love

Give me new words of life and truth

May You fill my body with life

May You transform me

Come wipe my tears and kiss my forehead

Come take my hand and lift me up

Come swiftly my Mighty Conqueror

Lord it’s not by my might or my power for I have no strength or authority
My authority rests in Christ alone
God it is only through Your mighty strength and Your Holy Spirit that it can be done
So Lord hear my cry
Lord move
Holy Spirit please come afresh

So why would I fear the future?
For I’m being pursued only by Your goodness, beauty, mercy and unfailing love!
I shall dwell forever, throughout all my days, in the house of God and in the glorious presence of the LORD.
Psalm 23:6 AMP, MSG & TPT paraphrased

Lord Hear My Cry June 2017 YouTube clip

Pour Out My Heart (Vineyard) – with Lyrics – YouTube clip

YouTube playlist I created – surrendering burdens to God

Picture from Pixabay

I had created an older version of this but somehow I deleted it – whoops!

Love Songs To Heaven

Lord God may my prayers be as love letters to You
May my praise be a love song to Heaven, a sweet incense that fills Your throne room
As You bask in the sweet aroma and read each one I pray they fill Your heart with love, for You fill my heart to overflowing with Your extravagant love for me!

Oh Find Me Lord!
Find me singin’ my song of gratitude
Find me filling my life with more of You
Find me speaking of Your love
Find me showing Your mercy
Find me filled with Your grace
Find me dancing in Your joy
Find me swaying in Your arms
Find me pouring out my life
Find me calling on Your name
Find me restoring hope
Find me refreshing lives
Find me filled with Your power to enable me to do Your amazing works
Find me lord
Please find me lord
Find me singin’ of Your love
Find me singin’ of Your grace
Find me singin’ of Your mercy
Find me singin’ of Your hope
Find me filled with Your love
Find me filled with Your grace
Find me lord
Oh find me lord!
Find me singin’ in gratitude
For you’ve changed my whole attitude
Find me singin’ my song of gratitude
Find me so thankful, for all You’ve done for me
Find me so grateful, for all You pour out on me
Your love
Your mercy
And Your grace
Your miracles I will see
Your wonder You will display
Fill me with Your glory
Fill me with Your grace
Oh my Lord You are so good, so good to me!!!

‘The Stand’ – by Hillsong – YouTube clip

‘Find Me’ // Official Lyric Video // Jonathan & Melissa Helser