Psalm 119:25-32 Revive and Refresh

25 Lord, so many times I feel as if I’m fading away. So overcome and discouraged I lie in the dust of defeat. Please revive and refresh me by Your Word! 26 I am continually pouring my life out to You, all my plans, dreams and desires. I give them ALL to You hoping that You will hear and respond. Teach and train me in the path of deep wisdom; teach me Your statutes for I long for more of Your holy decrees. 27 Help me to truly understand Your commandments, to know Your precepts. I will mediate deeply on Your splendour and fix my thoughts upon Your wonderful works. 28 Lord, so often my strength melts away and my eyes weep with consuming grief and sorrow. Please come and strengthen me, renew me through the promises of Your Word. 29 Remove me from the path of falsehood and unfaithfulness, grant me grace to stay true to Your laws. 30 I choose to obey Your truth, I am determined to live walking in the splendour-light of Your teachings. 31 I cling with all my might to Your commandments and laws so that my face will never again be shrouded in shame and embarrassment. 32 With a brand new willing heart that is filled with delight, I passionately pursue Your every command. You expand my understanding and enable me to be obedient.

My paraphrased version is from the New Living Translation; the Amplified; the Message; and The Passion Translation.

Praying Psalm 119: 25-32 Revive and Refresh

The times of great despair are too numerous to count. Time after time I have felt as if my life was being snatched away as I laid in the dust of ruin. Lord, I thank You so much for reviving and refreshing me by Your Word. Lord, I continually pour my life out to You as a love song of praise. Abba Father, hear my heart pouring it ALL out to You! Take my plans, dreams and desires, breathe life into those I am to pursue and scatter the rest away. I trust and know that Your ways are perfect. I ask that You would train and teach me to walk along the path of deep wisdom. Lord, help me to live out Your laws and obey Your holy decrees. Grow me in revelation and understanding so I can deeply mediate upon Your splendour and fix my thoughts upon Your wonderful works. How I long to unlock the miracle mysteries hidden in Your Word!

Lord, when my strength melts away like wax and my eyes overflow with deep grief and sorrow, please come and strengthen me. Renew me through the glorious promises within Your Word. Jesus, when my feet stumble upon the path of falsehood and unfaithfulness, please rush in with Your amazing grace and set me back upon the path of wholehearted devotion to You and Your ways. Renew my steadfast spirit so that I can obey Your truth, rise up within me a passion to walk in the splendour-light of Your teachings. With all my strength may I forever cling to Your commandments and laws. Abba Father, I never again want to be shrouded or held within the chains of shame and embarrassment. So I praise You and Thank You for the promise of a brand new heart and a steadfast spirit. Holy Spirit, come and fill me with pure delight and joy so I passionately pursue Your every instruction. Expand my understanding so that I can continually be obedient to Your every prompting!

Picture cred – Pixabay


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