The Album ‘Battles’ by Rita Springer

I’ve been so impacted by the album ‘Battles’ by Rita Springer that I felt encouraged to share it with you.

I hadn’t heard about Rita until this album so here’s a quick snippet of who she is: her motto is “To make the Lord famous in whatever I do with my worship and relationship with Him.”. In 2008 she started a worship school call DIVE – Deep Innovative Vertical Expression. You can read more about her on her webpage Rita Springer 

The album opens with a powerful reminder:

“Every imposter, every contender will fail to compare with You
There is no kingdom, authority, power like Yours
No one more royal, no one more loyal than one God, one truth
No other kingdom, no other freedom like Yours
No greater rescue than when You came through with strong love, strong love
All my accusers, silenced and scattered by You
Your people arising, we realize it is finished, it’s finished
Stand in the promise it is accomplished in You
You are high, high and lifted up
Strong and mighty enough, You are King
And I hide, covered by Your wings
And it’s there You fight for me
And every battle, every battle is Yours”

Part lyrics of ‘Every Battle’ written by Rita Springer and Kalley Heiligenthal. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

Then a chance to make a powerful declaration:

“There is no verdict, no lie that separates me from Your hand
You are the First and the Last
Forever Your Word will stand”

Part lyrics of ‘I Believe In You’ written by Josh Alltop and Rita Springer. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

Although the situation surrounding me feels impossible I can be assured that God is faithful:

“He is my faithful Father, calling me out of the dark
Night cannot whisper away what He said in the light
He is my firm foundation, my anchor won’t be moved
Storms may collide but my soul is on fire with His word
He is the only healer, His love will never fail
And all my belief dares to defeat every lie
He is a strong, high tower, fear will not find me there
’cause I come alive with His promise inside of my heart
Christ Redeemer, we remember He has won the war
Jesus, Mighty Overcomer, our Defender has conquered
Wind, listen to the sound of power on my lips
Jesus has broken the curse, He has never lost a battle
Who are you great mountain, that you should not bow low
Jesus defeated the darkness, He has never lost a battle”

Part lyrics of ‘Never Lost’ written by Catherine Mullins and Rita Springer. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

The song that started my whole interest in this album, reminds me to wait, trust, praise, have hope – for Jesus has the victory!

“You go before I know that You’ve even gone to win my war
Your love becomes my greatest defense
It leads me from the dry wilderness
And all I did was praise
And all I did was worship
All I did was bow down
All I did was stay still
Hallelujah, You have saved me
So much better this way
Hallelujah, great Defender
So much better Your way
When I thought I lost me, You knew where I left me
You reintroduce me to Your love
You picked up all my pieces, put me back together
You are the Defender of my heart”

‘Defender’ part lyrics written by John-Paul Gentile, Steffany Gretzinger and Rita Springer. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

A reminder that God is Immanuel – God with me!

“Where there is conflict, sometimes we retreat
Where there is struggle, we may fail to see
Our God is with us, our God is with us, He will never leave
When found in the ashes, we still have a chance
Where there is mourning, oh don’t forget to dance
Cause our God is with us, our God is with us, He will never leave
Where there are shadows, He becomes the light
If we go into battle, He will win the fight
Cause our God is with us, our God is with us, He will never leave
He is for us, no one can stop what He’s doing
He is with us, and we will see all that He promised
He does not forsake us, hate us or make us walk alone
He is always right there, stays where He can see the storm
We just have to hold on, stay strong, know He has our best in mind
Our God is with us, our God is with us”

Part lyrics of ‘Our God Is With Us’ written by David Binion, Nicole Binion and Rita Springer. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

I am to keep confidently waiting, knowing that God is fighting for me!

“You have given everything my heart could ever need
And all You ask is I believe
And I am resting safe inside Your promise to provide
And nothing could ever change Your love
Your love for me, Your love for me
There is no striving
There is no striving in Your love
Freely You have given
Freely You have given to us
You never ask that I earn Your affection
I could never earn something that’s free
I never have to fight for Your attention
Because Your eyes are ever upon me”

Part lyrics of ‘There Is No Striving’ written by Jenn Johnson and Matt Stinton. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

There is no delays or interruptions to God’s plans for my life, when I commit my future to Him I can be assured that it will unfold His way and in His timing. I just need to hang on and keep declaring, keep praising and doing what is set before me right now to do:

“Your ways are better than mine
You always have perfect timing
There’s not a thought in my mind
That can change, what You feel for me
Your love is deep and it’s wide
I couldn’t climb its height if I tried
There’s no place I could hide
Where Your love wouldn’t come and find me
No mountain too high, no valley too low
No sorrow too deep that You don’t know
No arrow too fast, no struggle outlasts
You’re stronger than that, stronger than that
You remain the same, You never change”

‘You Remain The Same’ part lyrics, written by Josh Alltop and Rita Springer. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

So once again I lay it ALL down at Jesus’ feet:

“To You I sing, it’s You that I worship
All that I hold, I’m letting go
It’s You I adore, God You are perfect
All that I lack, I know You are
I tell my knees to buckle
The sooner I fall, You have it all
I tell my heart surrender
The sooner I let go, You take control
You are my hope, You are my treasure
In chaos I’ve known, You are faithful
I surrender, I surrender
I surrender all I am and all I question
I give You everything, You can take anything
You have control, You have control”

‘You Have Control’ part lyrics written by Daniel Bashta and Rita Springer. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

I’m likely to sing this one with my liquid words:

“I just want to sit at Your feet and sing
I just want to sit at Your feet and tell You
Everything that was lost
Everything that was lost is found
I just want to sit at Your feet and say
What You did for me is no small thing
All that I have to give
All that I have to give is Yours
You’re the only One that calls something broken beautiful
You’re the only One that calls something crippled healed
You’re the only One that leaves ninety-nine to find one lost
And carry me on Your shoulders home
I just want to sit at Your feet and sing
I just want to sit at Your feet and worship
For everything that You’ve done
Every way that You’ve come, thank You
There is nothing hidden from Your sight
Nothing in the way can stop Your rescue
I am always ever on Your mind
In the end I’ll look exactly like You
Thank You, thank You, God
Thank You, Jesus, thank You, God
Thank You for loving me
Thank You for seeing me, Jesus
Thank You, Jesus”

‘Carry Me’ written by John-Paul Gentile and Rita Springer. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

On the 18th of April The Passion Translation posted a devotion “There is nothing I will not conquer when you trust Me”, I printed this devotion out and stuck it on my bathroom wall. As the circumstances surrounding me felt as if they were suffocating me, I would go into my bathroom and read this devotion again and again and again. The one main promise that I clung to was: ‘It no longer matters if you are alone in your sacred quest. For I will cast out loneliness from your heart.’. When I felt so alone, in the battle, I reminded myself that God promised to be there right alongside me! I would remind myself that I have an amazing husband who loves me and is supporting me; family and friends praying and supporting me! This song reminded me so much of the promise that I’m not alone, I’m never alone! I’m being loved into wholeness:

“When You look at me You see all that’s weak and frail in me
You reach for like it’s treasure
What it is I must confess, all I ever needed was
To be loved whole, just to be loved whole
You’re my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
I’m the reason why You hung the moon
If everything collides, it doesn’t matter
If all I had, if all I had was You, oh God
If all I had was You
If all I have is You, I’m okay, I’m okay
If all I have is You, I’m just fine”

‘I’m Okay’ part lyrics written by Rita Springer. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

I need to keep declaring the truth:

“Even in the why
In the middle of the night I say
You are good
Though my prayers are heard
The response is Yours, God
You are good
When the arrows fly
I will stand behind the truth
You are good
You tell my heart be still
And so God I will ’cause I know
That You’re good
Sorrow may last the whole night but
Joy comes in the morning light
You are the sunrise, You are the sunrise
There is no mistaking Your light
You are faithful, God You are faithful
You have never left my side
You are good and You never change, God
You are good and You never change Your ways”

‘You Never Change’ part lyrics written by: Mia Fieldes, Rita Baloche. Full lyrics via Lyricshall

I hope and pray that you’re encouraged, as I am, by these words.

Many blessings, Keona

Defender // Battles // Rita Springer – YouTube lyrics video


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