Time Is

As I journey through my inner healing season I feel like I’m embarking on a new adventure! Entering into a new beginning!

I feel such gratitude that I am given the opportunity to be made whole. I feel thankful for what will unfold.

As Bill Johnson states: “I owe the world a spirit-filled life, for I owe them an encounter with God. Without the fullness of the Holy Spirit in and upon me, I do not give God a surrendered vessel to flow through.”.

During my illness I couldn’t grasp onto and cherish time, it felt as if days dragged by. Sleeping during the day upset my body clock and sometimes I would feel as if I had lived 2 days in the 1.

As I watched the movie “Collateral Beauty” I was impacted by how precious time truly is and I started to reflect on what time is:

Time can rob and destroy
Time can restore and rebuild
Time can be measured
Time can be gifted
Time divides
Time reunites
Time lingers
Time stops
Time races by
Time is a gift
Do I treasure mine?
Do I grasp the moment?
Time is a currency
How do I spend mine?
Is time treasured or simply something I allow to pass?
If my timing is truly in Your hands, my Lord, why is it so hard to wait?
You have seen me in the secret place, Your eyes gazed upon my unformed substance! In Your book is written the days assigned to me, as is declared in Psalm 139:16
Will there come a day when I beg for more time.
Will I long to touch just one more life and see one more miracle unfold?

I love what Ann Voskamp says about time in her book The Broken Way: “For Jesus, time was not something you seize as much as something you sacrifice. It’s not something to grab; it’s something to give. Time can’t dictate dreams or hijack hope or determine destination. It can’t force us into living anything but what we believe. Time never heals wounds like God does.”

As I pack my bags to attend my second Majestic Women Retreat, I have such an expectation. I believe that as I set aside this time away to spend it with God, it will reap amazingly wonderful astonishing things in my life. As I gift God my time I know it’s in safe hands!

I pray that this weekend you can set aside some time to sit and reflect upon your life and the precious gift of time that has been given to you.

Many Blessings!

‘From The Inside Out’ – Hillsong – YouTube clip

‘Not One Time’ (Spontaneous Worship) – Steffany Gretzinger | Bethel Music – YouTube clip

‘Likeness Of Jesus’ – Jonathan David Helser – YouTube clip

‘At All Times’ (Spontaneous Worship) – Steffany Gretzinger | Bethel Music – YouTube clip

Pic Cred – Rachael Crowe

‘The Broken Way: A Daring Path Into the Abundant Life’ – by Ann Voskamp – Koorong link


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