A Beast No More

I was very blessed to watch the new “Beauty And The Beast” movie in gold class recently. As soon as my daughter, Sarah, heard they were making the movie she told me that we ‘simply HAD to see it’. Going to gold class was something we had talked about doing for some time, it was exciting to plan it . Leading up to the movie I was reminded of the time I took her to a play of “Beauty And The Beast”. She was 6 years old so when the scary scenes played out she climbed onto my lap.

At the end of the play the cast came out into the foyer for pictures. Sarah was in awe of Belle and quickly ran to her for a picture. But even with the Beast character dressed as a prince Sarah simply wouldn’t approach him. All she could ‘see’ was the ‘beast’ he had been before.

Sickness has plagued me most of my life so it is difficult at times to think and acknowledge that my situation has changed. There have been moments where the ‘beast of sickness’ threatens to roar again. But I am urged to stand fast and hold onto the promise that I am healed; the promise that I am being restored; and I am being transformed!

It might be easy for people to see me back in bed and think of the old me. But I am to think of it no more. I am declaring afresh that I am redeemed.

May I never forget the good things He does for me. He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. He has healed me inside and out from every sickness and disease. As promised in Psalm 103:2-3.

The psalm continues and even declares that “He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.” Psalm 103:12 New Living Translation (NLT)

Mistakes made this week seemed to bring up every single mistake I’ve ever made! I was drowning in feelings of failure! I felt like the old ‘beast’ had returned. But then I was reminded that God promises: a new covenant – Hebrews 10:16 -17 – the Lord will place His law into my heart and write it upon my mind. God declares He will never again remember my sins and lawless deeds!

There is a song which I just love and this one line really stands out to me: “In the darkest of night you come with the light and restore my identity” – Love Casts Out Fear by Phil King. That one line reminds me that this restoration phase is much more than physical. I am being mentally; emotionally; and spiritually restored (and transformed).

I am reminded that God sees me as His royal daughter. Because I am God’s child I am heir with Christ Jesus to all of Heaven’s riches. It leaves me in a state of awe trying to comprehend these astounding promises.

If you feel like a ‘beast’ drowning in your past, my prayer is that God restores to you the promises He has placed into your heart. That His voice will resound in your heart. That your identity as His royal child – a coheir with Christ Jesus is restored! Ask Him to place upon you His armour starting with the royal crown (helmet) of salvation!

Many Blessings!

Picture Cred – Paweł Furman

“Love Casts Out Fear” – Phil King – YouTube clip

“So Much Grace” – Jonathan & Melissa Helser – YouTube clip


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