Sleep Where Are You?

It’s so frustrating being unable to sleep! Thoughts race through your mind such as: “oh I’m going to be so tired tomorrow” another might be “oh I won’t be able to function” or “why can’t I sleep? This is so ridiculous!”.

I need sleep! I simply can’t function without a decent amount of sleep! In the depths of my adrenal fatigue night sleep was sometimes impossible. My body would get overtired which would then set my mind racing and then my heart! I tried various things to get to sleep and most failed. The frustration would build and build! But then it changed! After my healing God set me on a path of restoration – yay!!! One key element that I regained was sleep! A decent night sleep was so refreshing!!!

But then I had nights when I was again awake at 2am or 3am, I wondered what was going on! I had a revelation that sometimes prayer is more important than sleep. An urgent prompting to arise and pray was burnt into my spirit. I felt God ask me “how much is a loved one’s life worth to you? How much ransom would you pay if they were taken hostage?”.
Of course you can’t put a price on someone’s life but I know that I would do all I possibly could do to get someone set free from captivity! Guess what?! Prayer can set your loved ones free! Sometimes a loved one is being held captive, they are being held hostage and if they are not rescued the price they will pay is more than their earthly life, it’s their eternal life! Their soul is being held captive! Scary thought that someone’s salvation is at stake! Actually it’s terrifying! It’s even more sobering to realise that you have the key to unlock their prison cell! You have the words that will bring life to their spirit! You have the bounty that will purchase their soul for God!

Whoa that’s powerful! That’s life changing! Not only in this life but for all of eternity!
So what is a few hours lack of sleep worth? It is worth a lot! It can change lives! What are a few hours in comparison to eternity? Not even a blip! So don’t focus on what you’re missing out on (sleep), instead focus on the opportunity you have (praise and prayer). If God has called you to be awake, then He will enable you to cope. He will strengthen you for the coming day! He will equip you with the prayers to pray!

You may be awake because God wants to speak to you and remind you of how much He loves and cares for you! Yay! Awesome! Bask in that! Soak it into your soul! Know that He loves you and cares for you! To be able to soak in God’s love is refreshing and invigorating!

You may be awake to pray for others. Be faithful in that. Write the prayers down and share them with the people you pray for. Send them a message let them know you’re there for them, but more importantly that God is caring for them!

You may be awake because you need to join all of creation in singing songs to the Lord! As the day begins new things burst forth! Be there to grab them! Be there to hear from God! Rejoice in the new day!

Each night I declare that God gives rest to the weary; joy to those mourning; and a sweet refreshing sleep (Jeremiah 31:25-26) and that I will get the right amount of sleep.

So when you find yourself awake in the late hours of night or early hours of the morning ask God why. Then wait, sing a song of praise and open your ears to hear. It will be amazing!!!!

Many blessings

“Be Still” – Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger – YouTube clip

“This Is Not A Test” – TobyMac – YouTube Lyric Video ft. Capital Kings


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