My Christmas tree

My Christmas tree may never grace the cover of a glossy magazine. you may look at my tree and be horrified at the assorted mismatched decorations. But for me this tree is wonderful! I look at it and I remember: the hunt to buy it; the great excitement when I got it home; and the feeling of being so very ‘grown up’ because I had my very own tree!

Each decoration on the tree holds a special memory! I see the decorations made by the kids and smile! I remember when they came home and so proudly showed us what they had made. I see decorations that have been given to me from family and friends – they fill my heart with love and kindness!

On the 1st of December we put the tree up as a family and we talked about each decoration and the special memory it held. My daughter found some notes she had written as a young girl, she read each one out and we all took joy in her words and pictures! We talked about past Christmas celebrations and the coming day.ornaments
As I gaze upon the star on the top I remember the great hunt to find an angel but having to settle for a star instead. I now love my star as it reminds me of the great star that appeared in the sky the night Jesus was born, as declared in Matthew 2:2 a new star appeared in Israel.

So there is a reminder of new things!

Salvation was packaged in a helpless babe! A king resided in a feeding trough! Luke 2:11 Declares Jesus the Saviour – Christ the Messiah!

My tree is a symbol of: love; of God’s glory; the promise of salvation that started with Christmas; memories; joy; and hope!

“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.” Martin Luther

I love my tree and the wonderful memories it holds!

Joy To The World song


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